Performance Management System In HRM:

Human Resources Management (HRM) is the department of a company responsible for locating, selecting, hiring and training job candidates, as well as managing employee benefit programs.A competent human resource management system will help with all aspects of your organization’s HR process.

Aspects like application management, personnel management, payroll, benefits, timesheets and compensation management are all part of this.These systems also provide capabilities to help your human resources department manage your workplace and the organization as a whole.

 Types of Human Resource Management System

When it comes to different HR systems and their applications within a company, there is a wide variety. Meanwhile, the most common categories we find are those centered on




workforce management and


Important Features of the Human Resource Management System

According to Pettigrew and Whipp , “HRM System refers to the general set of information, skills and attitudes that companies must possess. It implies concern and action in the HRM, such as selection, training and development, relationship with employees and remuneration. Such actions can be linked through the application of a human resource management philosophy.”

 In light of the above definition, healthy human resource management can be characterized by the following characteristics

  Component of the Management Subject

 The human resources system is an important component of the HRM discipline. While not considered a discipline in itself, it is unquestionably a field of study. As the human resources system is part of the management process family, it is largely based on concepts, principles and procedures when managing the human resources of any business unit.

 Universal Existence

Management is a universal function in the sense that it can be applied to any type of organization. Ideas and practices are implemented everywhere, regardless of the size, type, scope or purpose of the organization.

  in love with people

This is by far considered the most significant among the HRM system features. It is concerned with the management of human resources, well-being and resources in a business system.

 In addition, it oversees a variety of individuals, including workers/labor, supervisors, managers, department heads, and other associated senior managers. Thus, it is defined as the management of HRM and dedication to their work.

  action oriented

Another characteristic of a competent HRM system is its flexibility to act. Rather than keeping records, written procedures or rules, the focus of human resource management is ‘action’. Employee problems are resolved by sensible policies.

Motivated to achieve goals

 Human resource management is focused on striving to achieve organizational goals. It also provides online tools and procedures for proper management of the company’s human resources.

 Integration Mechanism

Recognizing the best possible way to achieve common goals is an important objective of human resource management. It also helps to maintain friendly relationships between employees at all levels of an organization.

 various activities

Versatility should be counted in the HRM system’s list of features. It covers a variety of functions related to managing people at work. It also involves human resource planning, hiring, placement, training, evaluation, compensation, and employee retention. In most organizations, a separate HR department is formed to ensure that these operations are carried out efficiently.

Business group of people attending and listening at conference

  Human Resource Development (HRD)

It focuses on developing the potential of employees so that they are satisfied with their work and give their all to the organization. In this sense, it takes into account the personalities, interests and capabilities of employees. Its ultimate goal is to help employees reach their fullest potential.

 Pervasive Function

HRM is a comprehensive function that is essential in every company because people are a necessary component of any organization. Furthermore, as management is achieving effective results with people at work, the human resource system is a fundamental HRM project that permeates all levels of management in any organization.

 Benefits of the Human Resource Management System

Organizations that have a comprehensive HRM system benefit from these practices as much as employees. Here are some of the benefits


employee satisfaction

Hiring process

Security and Risk Management

Limiting liability issues

Training and development

Security and risk management, etc.


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