What Is Performance Management System?

We talk to numerous HRs in our day to day who don’t know the description veritably well or who confuse performance Management with performance evaluation. Herman Aguinis, one of the leading academics in organizational/ artificial psychology, whose books are needed reading for any HR professional who’s serious about the content. defines performance Management as “ […]


What Are The Two Confines Of Performance?

utmost experts divide professional performance into two major confines  results( issues); Actions. An intuitive way to understand the difference between results and actions is to suppose that results are “ what ” the hand produces, and actions are “ how ” the hand produces those results.  The two confines of performance are important as they […]


Performance Management System PPT:

If the performance management cycle necessarily starts with some process of defining and communicating performance expectations, it ends Performance Management System  (and automatically starts again) with a performance review .  The performance evaluation has as main objectives:  Measure employee Performance Management System for decision-making purposes; Provide inputs for the employee to develop, that is, improve […]


Performance Management System In HRM:

Human Resources Management (HRM) is the department of a company responsible for locating, selecting, hiring and training job candidates, as well as managing employee benefit programs.A competent human resource management system will help with all aspects of your organization’s HR process. Aspects like application management, personnel management, payroll, benefits, timesheets and compensation management are all […]

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